Nowadays, Hands-on Cybersecurity Education is a major challenge !

To maintain a good level of Cybersecurity preparedness, organizations, whatever they may be, should have qualified staff as well as the ability to test and experiment fire of cyber attackers.

In this regard, HNS PLATFORM provides up-to-date cyber range features and scenarios.

Since 2008, DIATEAM has been developing Cyber Range Solutions designed for learning and training by practice, testing and experimentation.

DIATEAM is the original French creator of cyber range and hybrid simulation systems for cyber defence”

A Learn-by-doing Cyber Range Platform


It is essential to train operational staff in a hyper realistic and dedicated environment outside production systems.

Our Learn-by-doing Cyber Range Platform gives you the best answers for a technical and operational preparedness of civilian and military cyber defenders.

Like for top-level sportsmen, preparation needed to be responsive requires a cyber strengthening action plan and simulation exercises with test fights.

Cyber Range Multiple Use

Our solutions are designed and developed to meet a wide range of cybersecurity needs:

Learning and training for cyber-defenders and operational auditors.
Our Cyber Range solutions meet the needs of key players such as: Computer Emergency Response Team, Operations Center, Forensics, judicial investigation, Pentesters, computer network defense, SOC, SIEM Operators.

Given the shortage of cybersecurity talents, diateam’s Cyber Range solutions are very good pedagogical assets to help engineering schools and universities offer their students optimal conditions to develop cyber skills and in the long term, offer them real opportunities for sustainable careers.

Cooperation exercises and challenges, competitions and gamification for Blue team and Red team (CTF AKA Capture The Flag “Attack/Defense”, cyber crisis,…)

Experiments & simulations of IT industrial and SCADA infrastructures for analysis, prototyping or research (infrastructure migration, pre-production environments, pre-approval, design and testing of new architectures, etc.)

Cyber security tests and «benchmark» in a fully-mastered and controlled environment (sandboxing, pentest, malware analysis, honeypots, solutions comparisons, realistic scenarios, legitimate and malicious traffic and behaviors simulation, …)

“TurnKey” Platform

  • Mobile & projectable environment

  • «Desktop One Node» integrated solution

  • Compact & standalone bay from two compute nodes

  • Custom «as needed» platform building & integration to your environment