Founded in 2002, DIATEAM is a European and French independent provider and developer of cyber range and highly innovative cyber security solutions.

As a pioneer in the sector of cyber range, DIATEAM has always anticipated needs. Thanks to its technological leadership, our company can offer its expertise to its most demanding clients in Europe and around the world. DIATEAM is the original creator of Hybrid Network Simulation Technology notably with its HNS PLATFORM.

DIATEAM is the French historical cyber range and cyber security hybrid simulation systems creator.

DIATEAM’s expertise and innovation in cyber range already make it the partner of choice of major worlwide cybersecurity actors. To that extend, DIATEAM provides solutions in the fields of cyberdefence, security, academia and industry, especially for vital importance organizations.

Therefore, the range of solutions developed by DIATEAM makes it possible to respond to all cybersecurity challenges (analyze, practice, understand). Known for its expertise, DIATEAM is now a worldwide major actor on the training platforms and cyber infrastructures prototyping market.

Since 2002, we are proud to be at our most demanding clients side. By giving DIATEAM your trust, you make sure you will benefit from recommendations, protips and solutions that are totally objective, influenced by no particular interest, completely independently of hardware or software solutions editors.

Our development in France and around the world ensures our financial independence

and allows us to reaffirm our ambition to become the leading European Cyber Range Provider. Since 2002, we have been providing major organizations with IT and industrial architectures virtualization and simulation platforms.

“We are proud to be at our most demanding clients side.”

Cyber Range Clients : mainly big companies



Whether for proofs of concept, prototypes, or state-of-the-art components integration, we systematically try to find innovating solutions to the unique problems of our clients.
DIATEAM partners dedicate more than 40% of their time to the search for innovating solutions and ongoing improvement of our solutions technical quality.


The individual and the team are the cornerstone of any organization. At DIATEAM, we put the human element at the center of our values, methods, and interactions. We capitalize on talents we recruit to build up a team that is passionate, curious, durable and constantly at the forefront of technological expertise. We fulfill our commitments to create a trusting environment.


Since the beginning, DIATEAM’s DNA is made of innovation and technical excellence. Over time, we have partnered with the best technical profiles in our areas of activity. This excellence implies a day-to-day work and we allow our collaborators to dedicate a huge part of their working time to technological watch, and to research and development.


We are transparent about our solutions, our way of working and our methodology, as well as on the deadlines we provide our clients. This transparency allows us to establish simple and open relationships with our clients and partners. Likewise, we are transparent about our skills and our own limitations.

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